John Eric Fritz

Hello, and welcome to my personal website. I’m a Software Engineer at where I build scalable web applications, REST APIs, and responsive WordPress themes/plugins. I also write and play music and try to keep up with various other hobbies.

Web Applications

Platforms, languages, and frameworks have come a long way since I started building web applications over a decade ago. I really enjoy exploring the latest and greatest tools and using that experience to help find the right solution for a particular job.

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REST APIs are the backbone of the modern web, and I’m a big fan of building loosely-coupled, resource-oriented APIs using REST principles. Spring MVC and Spring HATEOAS are great open source libraries for adding REST to Java web applications.

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WordPress has evolved over the years from a simple blogging engine to a fully featured Content Management System. WordPress makes building websites fun, and I love developing responsive themes and plugins that harness its awesome power.

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