Book Review: Handcrafted CSS (Video Edition)

Early last year when I decided that I just couldn’t put off redesigning the very dated-looking Orbi Software site any longer, the first skill that I knew I needed to get up to speed on was CSS. Like many programmers, I had learned the basics of CSS in a very informal way, mostly by looking at a few online examples and then studying the stylesheets of designers that I collaborated with as a coder. This limited exposure gave me enough knowledge to get by, but I always felt like I was coding by coincidence when I had to write my own classes. And some of the CSS files that I was maintaining became rather large and unweildy over time, with lots of unnecessary duplication of similar styles. As the promise of CSS3 slowly started to become a reality with the release of many cool new vendor-specific CSS3 extensions, I finally decided that I just didn’t want to hack my way through creating stylesheets any longer.